Howling Trails

☄And That’s a Wrap (ed.6) ☄

In my past life I was a photographer. A photographer who's work focused on traditionalism and nostalgia. Every year, for 5 years, come January 1st(ish) I created a little monthly recap of the year. I have not done this since 2012. I thought enough time has passed since the death of my past and the birth of my new, that I should probably start doing it again.

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This month marked the beginning of Track Tuesdays with Fraser Street Run Club. Still one of my favourite days of the week to coach. :)


It seems February has gone missing in my calendar of events. Might have something to do with being diagnosed with stresses and tib-ant tendonopathy in my shin.  I spent most of the month working from the ground up, trying to fix the weaknesses and build strength. 


FSRC got new shirts and I slowly began to run again. Althoas it turns out I wasn't ready to run 50k and had to drop out of Chuckanut, making it my first DNF ever, and one of several that would happen later onto the season.


Despite both Jess and I having to pull out of Zion 100k due to injuries, we continued with our plan and rented an RV and drove down to Utah to help crew Kat to her 2nd place finish! #FSRV for life!


Fraser Street Run Club to our first official field trip down to North Cascades WA: FsRC Fun Mountain. Pretty much one of the best weekends of the year. I finally completed a race and PBed my half by 3 minutes.


I went back east to visit my family, run the Toronto Nike Women's 15k and race 2 Quebec City Spartans. I even got to help my 11 year old cousin through the junior race, which was pretty darn cool.


With not much notice, we were being reno-victed from not just our home of 2 years, but also our FsRC clubhouse. This left Jess, Cody and his family, myself and the rest of the club in a bit a pickle. Jess and I decided to make the executive decision to move to the North Shore. Coincidentally, only 40 meters from a trailhead. 


Jesse ran his longest race to date: Fat Dog 70m (and finished 2nd) FsRC spent the weekend in Squamish working at the Quest aide-station. A great way to spend an hot summer day!


September was a busy month. Topping off a peak month of training with a fun trip to Victoria for Finlayson 50k with FSRC, and a testy race up to the Whistler Peak, FSRC also raised nearly $5000 for Watari as part of the Canadian Running Series Eastside 10k Crew Challenge.


Jess and I packed up the car and headed down to Tahoe for Spartan World Championships. Needless to say that it was a good trip. Despite a tight race and lots and lots of penalties on my behalf I managed to squeeze in a win by seconds, make this moment a lifetime highlight.





I atte[unsuccesfully]mpted to race my first 24hrs race in Vegas at World's Toughest Mudder. Making it my 3rd DNF of the season. 



I was lucky enough to get to go to Chicago with 47 other people to participate in the Nike #GetOutThere Challenge. Such a wonderful weekend and so many new friends made. Not to mention I now have a new favourite city and hotel. :)

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