Howling Trails

BMO Vancouver Marathon: T-minus 11.5 hrs.

Tomorrow is the big day. We’ve been training 16 weeks for tomorrow… holy smokes! This week I’ve had the worse case of race-brain. My poor clients probably think I’m such an air head who can’t spit out a proper sentence with out getting everything jumbled up.

Today and yesterday in particular were very off days… I feel like I’ve been coming down with the flu; bad headache, super sick to my stomach, anxiety and a bad case of the constant dizzies. I’m not sure why… maybe I’m actually coming down with something. I’ve been competing my whole life in sporting events so the idea of the “big day” is no biggie. Well, whatever the case may be I gotta suck it up and get out there and just try and make it to the finish line.

The weather forecast for tomorrow? 25 degrees in sunny. Sounds great right? well not if you’ve been training in 10 degree weather, definitely going to slow things down slightly, but that’s ok. the main goal for tomorrow is FUN! and if I can run sub 3:40 while I’m at it…well…I’ll just be the happiest lady out there.

Jess and I all dressed up tonight with anticipation!