Howling Trails

⨇ Cyrpress Mountain ⨇

I first discovered the abundance of trails on Cypress Mountain back in July when I ran the 5 Peaks enduro race and lately I’ve been spending most of my time up there running around Hollyburn. Although considerably further than the usually LSCR trails I run, Cypress is nearly uninhabited, even on the nicest of weekends, which means Lola can race her little heart out stress free. (Not to mention the view is worth the extra drive all on its own) And between the Baden Powell, Brothers Creek Loop and Hollyburn area, there are enough trails to keep you busy for at least 20k.

Jess and Lola running up the trail earlier today.

Jess took this earlier today as well. When we got out of the car it was -1℃. The brisk weather is a nice change from the extra hot and long summer we’ve had.

Can you spot the Lola?

Keighty (in red) was a heptathlete at University of Oregon(kinda big deal in the track world) this was one of her first adventures off the track and on to the North Shore mountains. Lucy (in black) was on the national ski team and often my partner in crime when running.

Lucy on a traditional Vancouver rainy day on one of the xc skiing trails.