Howling Trails

Dear 2013,

This is going to be our year! Yep, I’m going to run like I’ve never ran before and I’m going to make sure I take care of my knees so that I can accomplish everything I have in store.

On top of starting my schooling for a personal training certification this weekend, I also start my marathon clinic with Running Room next week with the goal of completed BMO marathon in May. Hoping I’ll keep my runner’s knee to a minimum I’m also hoping to complete this year’s Knee Knacker 50k trail and Squamish 50k. oooooeeeeeeee….all one step closer to becoming an ultra runner.

This marathon is suppose to being of the most beautiful routes. I’m hoping to run it under 4hrs.

This past August, Jess and I ran the 21k (although really 26k) version of this race and it nearly killed both of us. So this year I’m going to come back stronger than ever and seek revenge of last years race. (Also the race directors kindly gave us the option this year to defer our entry to next year if anything came up, so I don’t have to worry about losing money)

This is a North Shore classic. Running the Baden Powell from Horseshoe Bay to Deep cove in July. This past summer I ran the Iron Knee which is essential an easy 1/2 version of the this route. This race is so popular that there is a lottery to get in. So fingers crossed come March when they draw the names

And of course there are the Spartan Races. Secretly, this is my favourite kind of event. Endurance and Strength are definitely something I excel in. Last year I finished the sprint 5k in 34:35 (a/g/o: 6/14/197 out of 2089racers) and Super Spartan 14k in 133:44 (4/7/91 of 959 racers) and this year I’m looking forward to finishing the Beast (23k distance)

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