Howling Trails

Eastside 10k

This past Saturday, (no thanks to a hand-me-down entry from a client) I raced my first ‘official’ 10k. I say ‘official’ so officially because 10 months ago I casually, and yet so painfully, raced one of those community MEC road races in North Van, which I believe to be not so official.

This was the inaugural Eastside 10k, and correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe it to be one of the first (or is it last?) 10k races in Canadian Running Series Season. The route took you through a rather rolly-polly course of ups and downs along Strathcona and into Gastown and back.

It was kinda  a last minute decision to run. I hadn’t been training for a 10k and we had just finished a really tough week of training for our upcoming marathon in Portland, so my legs were a little more thrashed than normal. And not that I was concerned with placing (only in my wildest dreams would I ever be able to run a 35min 10k) I was however terrified of having a relapse of what happened when I ran the MEC 10k just 10 months prior.

A little less than a year ago this is what my splits looked like on that 10k:


Kinda all over the place eh? I also failed to mention that I ran myself into a deep dark place that race, you know one of those mental breaks downs where you begin to doubt why you ever took up running in the first place. Also not to mention I had the worst stitch and I felt like vomiting  for the entire last 1/2 and probably the 2 days to follow. Not a word of lie.

So… my biggest fear about the race Saturday was how much it was going to hurt me. Obviously my training regiment has change drastically in the past 10 months. I knew I would be able to run this race sub 46… but my ultimate goal was really sub 45. I didn’t really have a strategy, other than to keep an eye on my goal pace and try and get a negative split. I did make sure to have a really good warm up. Cody (who also was racing his first 10k and still managed to finish in 33 mins) Jess and I ran the 3k to start line where I completely my Wharton Stretches and warm up drills Alicia Shay taught us at the retreat and felt pretty good to go.

I contemplated following the 45 min pace bunny but decided last minute to just do my own thing. And as per usually the gun went off, along with everyone else, leaving me in the dust running a 4:10 pace. (a good 10secs/km faster than I should have been going) I stood my ground and slowed right down and reminded myself to run my own race. I was feeling great! Fantastic! wonderful! laddy-da, I was cruising! And before I knew it were at 8k and I looked down at my watch and was like “geeze… keep this up and I could almost get sub 44mins” I better pick’r up then I guess. Unlike a marathon, a 10k is only 10k. I don’t have 30k to make up time. I picked up my pace and probably try to jam up that last hill on prior (a bit too fast as it took a little bit out of me) and ran through the finish line in 44:03. (both strava and garmin told me it was completed in 43:40…just saying…) I really gotta start showing my time on my watch. (I usually just keep current pace and average pace so I don’t think to much about the time)

Check out my splits this time around:


Pretty much almost a 5min PR… and a negative split… and also unlike a marathon, I was able to run home and proceed to work on my feet for 8hrs that night.

imageJesse is very great at capturing post-race moments of mine. Also taking funny photos of Cody and I.

Do you every wonder how fast you are capable of going? Like, how far, as an adult re-learning to run from those since high school track days? I wonder all the time. Will I ever be able to run sub 40min 10k? Let’s find out!