Howling Trails


Today was one of my favorite races: Spartan Race. If you aren’t familiar with what a Spartan Race is, think old-school military bootcamp and lots of shirtless cross fit dudes with bad tattoos. Ok… so that may not be the best description, but to sum it up it’s pretty much an obstacle course race. Today’s race looked like this: 5k, 90% in the snow, 900 feet of elevation gain, 5 degrees above freezing, 18 different obstacles, me having to complete 120 burpess and running up and down a skill twice.

Here’s a before & after: 


Last year I raced in two races:  The Sprint (5k) and then a few months after, The Super. (14k) I did pretty good in both (15/850 and 7/344 females) So This year I thought I would try racing in the “elite heat” so I wouldn’t have to waste time waiting around for people who can’t climb a a ladder and taking their sweet time walking up a hill.

From the distance the snow conditions seemed easy, however once stepping onto the slushy ankle deep snow , we mind as well have been racing in sand dunes, except that it was wet and cold.


Right off the starting line we raced through the snow and up to the very top of Seymour. My plan was to keep my HR at 85% but unfortunately my heart had other plans and was revving upwards to 95% the majority of the time, despite this, my legs were on their best behavior and just kept trekking. Even when I tried to slow down to bring my HR back down, my legs kept telling me to GO!

When 90% of the course is in the snow, running in the snow becomes the easy part, it’s the transition from snow to ground that’s tricky. My legs were like jello by the time I hit solid ground and my eye seem to be struggling almost as much as my legs were to the adjustment of the dark muddy ground.

3rd to last obstacle: under the barb wire through a foot of mud


During a Spartan Race, if you cannot complete/finish an obstacle you have to do 30 burpees. (25 if in non elite heat) For someone like me who doesn’t mind burpees, it actually faster and potentially easier to skip the obstacle and just do the burpees. So in totally I failed two (the monkey bars and javelin) and skipped two (the rope {the very last obstacle} and climbing wall) therefore totally 120 burpees.

This below was one my fave obstacles although it did make me nervous thinking about novices climbing it.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t a large number of women in the Elite Heat. I imagine most women under estimate how fast/strong they are and are to shy to enter the stronger heat - (Men seem to have the opposite problem :) ). But with that being said, us top 3 ladies were neck and neck the whole race. I chased the heals of Allison Tai (who wins every obstacle race she enters) throughout the race, unfortunately I think it was the last 60 burpees and her amazing endurance to get her up the rope, that kept me in 2nd. Melissa and I played cat and mouse for the first 20 minutes of the race, I manged to scoot by her at the top of Seymour and secure 2nd place for the rest of the race, but I definitely felt the heat of her breathing right behind. Both these ladies were so wonderful and I can’t tell you how happy I was/am with this race. The feeling of self accomplishment today was so wonderful that I couldn’t even pretend to be modest.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the privileged to stand on a podium and I won’t lie, I was happy as the bees knees!


I’m now 150$ richer and get an entry into Sun Peaks 20k race in September.