Howling Trails

"I'm in the middle of career change"

I’m not doing the best job keeping this blog up to date. In my defence a lot has happened since the last post. I went to school to get my personal training certification, I ran the dirty duo, I’ve spent the last 15 weeks training for my first marathon, I got married, I lost my job while on my honey moon, then got a job through my apprenticeship program at West Coast Fitness (Whom, I also spent the last 2 years training with you) and now, after three of having my own clients I’m officially a working personal trainer…[for hire]…

I’m currently employed by WCF part time, but if you are looking to get the beach body ready, strengthen your running legs to avoid IT band injuries, tone up them muscles, lose weight/gain weight, work on your cordination, feel good about yourself and pretty much anything in between I’m currently accepting clients for late spring.

I ran the Dirty Duo 25k back in March, if you are familiar with the route it’s a really beautiful/technical route that runs up and along Seymour mt with some pretty steep and long hills. My goal for the day was to run up all the hills and run under 3hrs, which I managed to do both! and recovered with in 2 days and was running Hills the following Tuesday for our marathon clinic.

We ran to deep cove from city hall a few weeks back. I celebrated my longest run ever with a deep in the ocean and a donut.

This is Jess and I. Jesse is also running the BMO (although he is way faster than me)

I love track work! It made me so nostalgic thinking about all the time I spent there in High School

This is my new office!

With that all said and done we have exactly 1 week till the BMO. Today we ran a nice and easy 16k at race pace (5:05) as a taper run.  Being my first marathon, I want to make sure I have fun and enjoy it and not get injured for the rest of the season, thus my strategy is to ideal run sub 3:40, but I don’t really plan on pushing it to hard so I’ll be satisfied with anything sub 3:50 and ultimately be able to feel keen on running another one right away (mentally, not actually physically) 

Best of luck to all who are running next weekend :)