Howling Trails

the FRASER STREET [frasercore] Run Club


It seems that I’ve been spending every spare moment of free time with the same 4 people: Jess, Kat, Cody & Ben (and soon to be 5 now that Laura [Jess’s sister] is no longer injured) running up and down mountains. Yep, plural: mountains.For instance, last weekend I managed to run Grouse, Cypress than Seymour back to back unintentionally. It also turns out that we all (with the exception of Kat, who we are trying to get to move up to our hood) live within a few blocks of Fraser Street in Vancouver.

Now, some of you may be aware that often things can get a little silly when you are running for 4+ hours in the middle of nowhere on a mountain in bear, cougar and ‘agressive’ lynx territory. So at some point along the our first 4+hr run together the boys came up with the idea of starting the "Frasercore" Club. I didn’t think much of it at first. Boys will be boys and often have an abundance of silly ideas that they never make happen, but eventually I started to realize how much I love and value my time I’ve been spending with these guys…well mostly Kat because those boys are too fast for us. Somehow Frasercore, turned in Fraser Street, which seemed a whole lot more classy, and after deciding not to go run with Kat and sit the weather out indoors I diddled around and came up an unofficial-official-draft logo.

I realize that I talk a load about running up mountains, but I should mention that we also just started the new marathon clinic in hope we will all race Portland in October. So keep your eyes peeled for some borning road entries as well. :)

Collage from June’s Squamish 50k Orientation. Check those views out!

Me running through Squamish clear cuts

Jesse took this on one our runs

Running straight into the Ocean is pretty cool

Kat and I