Howling Trails

un-comfortably numb.

This past Sunday was Run The North Shore/Mountain Madness's Comfortably Numb 25k (although really 22.9k) trail race up in Whistler. The point-to-point race starts at the Wedge Mountain parking lot and makes it way winding and switch backing it's way to Spruce Grove baseball diamonds. The majority of the race is a gradual up hill course with an elevation gain of 789m followed by a quick decent and short decent (or so it seemed).

I went into the race with not many expectations; I’m not a strong uphill runner so I thought it would be good training for the 50k in two months, but still in the back of my mind I was still hoping for a good day. Unfortunately my legs had other things in mind. You know it’s never a good sign when your feet are doing the lazy-leg-trip within the first kilometer of the race, or getting a crippling stitch at 3.5k forcing you to stop completely. Regardless of the rough start I kept trucking up the windy hills through the beautiful mossy course and up onto the rock face part of the trail, yet I just couldn’t get my trail legs on. (I must of left them in bed that morning when I woke up at 4:30am) By 13k I started to stop and take photos of the scenery and by 16k I was texting (yes I had my phone) Jess funny faced emoticons expressing my silly and tired state mind and congratulating him because I knew he ruled at this course. (which he did finishing 3rd in U40 and 5th overall!!!!)

Even when it came to the downhill (which is usually when I’m in my glory) I could barely keep it together. What should have been an easy sub 4:30/km pace  down the last 2 km I was struggling to keep it faster than 6:00/km. I eventually crossed the finish in 2:53, good enough for 14th over all but I’d say a good 10 minutes slower than if I had my usual race face on.

Despite the not being my best day I had so much fun! The trail was beautiful, the sun was out, it was hot. Jess and I were in good company with our running group friend Alasdair and new hitch hiking Italian friend Guilio. We swam in Lost Lake and stopped at Howe Sound Brewery for a ritual beer and fries stop. (fyi Howe Sound Brewery has that best fries!)

Jess and I are offically that nerdy matching couple

The top 5-6k of the course was looking like this. So beautiful!

Proud wife! So happy for how well Jesse ran this weekend!