OCR coaching options

option C: The Goal Getter

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OPTION 'C': the Goal Getter (run - train - or both)

  • 1x/monthly skype/phone call
  • weekly text messaging
  • 2x/week email to maintain conversation and answer any questions and give feedback and/or alter any training/life conflicts on schedule 
  • Personalized weekly training plan using Training Peaks w/ tailored workouts and weekly tasks
  • race preparation
  • fuelling/nutrition guidance
  • weekly training plan includes structures and periodized workouts 
  • Add both running and/or workouts to programming for an additional $50/month


Need a  little more one on one to keep you accountable? Need details and reassurance you are heading in the right direction, or perhaps your schedule is always changing and need extra guidance to make it all fit? Want to be able to check in every other day or so? This is for you! 

COST: $170-220 USD/month

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